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Counter-strike 1.6 fps is very low

Napisany przez MichaelMorin, 31.01.2018, 10:12:33
Counter-strike 1.6 fps is very low
Wine 0.9.51 from portage, ati-drivers 8.433 from portage, eselect has my ATI set for opengl, glxinfo says "direct rendering: Yes". Video (watching movies even at fullscreen) works perfectly fine.

So, my framerate in game is crap. I turned on cl_showfps and it says I am at around 71 fps most of the time, but it's always pretty choppy, I mean, it's not horrible, but definately not playable in a serious way. I have it set to use OpenGL in the game options, and it's the same thing if I'm on 32-bit or 16-bit.


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